The dichotomy in Bangladesh: Democracy or development

By narrowing the space for dissent and dichotomizing values, the ruling Awami League has effectively defanged the opposition, media as well as ordinary people writes Rishija Singh for South Asia Monitor

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India should seek to clear Bhutanese doubts and apprehensions

China has a border dispute with Bhutan but, because of India’s support, Beijing has not forced its hand. China, which wants to thwart Indian influence in Bhutan, has offered to open a diplomatic mission, an offer Bhutan has not permitted, writes J.K.Verma for South Asia Monitor.    

Bangladesh election: A high-stake one for India

India regards Hasina as a key player to maintain peace and boost development in the region, writes Saroj Mohanty for South Asia Monitor.

Recent crisis gives Sri Lankan PM chance for a constitutional review

The recent crisis in Sri Lanka certainly calls for re-examining the constitutional provisions about the powers of the President, writes N.S.Venkataraman for South Asia Monitor.  

Afghan peace moves reminiscent of Najibullah's failed efforts

Peace can come only if the various Afghan groups agree to a power-sharing formula and honour their agreement. Taliban do not appear ready for such a compromise now, even though the Afghan government is ready, writes Majidullah Rasooli for South Asia Monitor

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