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It’s important to keep asking questions...

I found myself in Kashmir last week, along with friends, speaking to scores of young people, many of them well-educated young professionals — lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists.

Will Pakistan see its own Trump?

The rise of xenophobic populism across the world has made some wonder if a similar surge will hit Pakistan as well. The rise of Modi, and the accompanying band of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chauvinists, in particular, raises speculation over a countering force emerging on this side of the border. Will Pakistan see its own variant of the movements that have placed Trump, Le Pen, Modi, Erdogan, and Duterte in positions of political prominence?

A nation disrupted

The first 10 days of demonetisation have seen the tragic death of 47 citizens, never-ending lines and a web of problems and difficulties. The Modi government has proceeded to declare victory even as crores of innocent people suffer. As economists measure the long-term economic impact of the decision, everyone agrees that India’s wheel of development is grinding to a halt in the interim.

In Indira’s India

Remembering Indira Gandhi in her birth centenary year is necessary for more than sentimental or partisan reasons. She gave self-confidence to a nation in times of self-doubt caused by the humiliating defeat of 1962, the growing severity of the food crisis and failures of state-guided development. 

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Three new projects in U.S.-India State and Urban Initiative

The U.S.-India State and Urban Initiative, led by the CSIS Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies and the CSIS Energy and National Security Program, has announced three new projects with the state government of Maharashtra


As countermeasure, India hikes import duty on 29 US products

In a retaliatory move against the recent US import duty hikes, India on Thursday raised customs duty on 29 products, including on iron and steel products imported from the US.