India distributes its strategic dependence: Prioritising US, but no dilution with Russia

That this cooperation with the USA does not imply a dilution of the India-Russia relationship is reflected in the fact that the Indian Foreign Minister Sushma  Swaraj was in Moscow (Sep 14)  to further technical and economic cooperation. Later, in October, Russian President Vladimir Putin will be in India for the annual bilateral summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

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India. China can make global impact to combat plastic pollution


The plastic waste processing industry in India is predominantly in SMEs and the informal sector. Though data on the capacity of processing of such waste is not available, if India decides to take advantage of the ban in China, it could certainly benefit in terms of enhancing employment and the billions of dollars of waste-recycling business, writes Rajendra Shende for South Asia Monitor

India’s strategic vision amid disorder order: Urgent need to redress the voids

Modi in his address indicated that India seeks a robust engagement with all major powers – viz USA, China, Russia and Japan and added that the ASEAN bloc was the critical entity for India’s ‘Act East’ policy. The change in semantic to the Indo-Pacific is an acknowledgement of India’s own relevance in the extended maritime region, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor. 

India and Saudi Arabia: United against global terrorism

India has time and again lauded efforts by the kingdom in fighting terrorism such as the royal decree on counter-terrorism issued by King Abdullah. The kingdom is also a member of the 68-nation strong Global Coalition Against Daesh and one of the founding countries of the Islamic Military Alliance against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, writes Ayalur K Balakrishnan for South Asia Monitor.

Afghan conflict not religious: Kabul fatwa challenges Taliban claims

For the first time, the Afghan government, AUC and HPC have challenged and questioned the religious aspect of the current war through an Islamic decree issued by Islamic scholars at the national, regional and global level, writes Dawood Mohammadi for South Asia Monitor

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Indian cities, states step up climate action plans

At the Global Climate Action Summit, mayors and government functionaries of Indian cities have announced to scale up their actions to combat climate change and to protect people from hazardous climate impacts.


Chinese company bids for monorail in Kathmandu

A Chinese company has submitted the feasibility study report of a proposed monorail in Kathmandu city, taking forward China’s efforts to develop infrastructure in Nepal, as they are seekin...