Russia, Pakistan sign MoU on gas pipeline from Iran

Russia and Pakistan signed a memorandum of understanding on implementing a project to build an underwater gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and India, the Russian Energy Ministry said in a statement Thursday.  

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Birth of another dependency

HE latest quarterly report from the State Bank of Pakistan may sound like a dry affair, but read it a little closely and you’ll notice some startling revelations.

Quetta, Abbottabad, Pakistan

PAKISTAN’S population has probably crossed 200 million as we enter 2017. This year the country will complete 70 years of existence. By the time it reaches 100 years its population will approximate 400m.

Exciting Times Ahead

The biggest question that awaits us in 2017 is whether we will move ahead as a country or go two steps back. In the past, we have moved backwards owing to short-sighted policies of our leaders. We hope the coming year will be different.

Corridor of uncertainty

There was a time, not long ago, when Patrade utopia of CPEC will remain incomplete if India is kept outkistan blamed America for acts of terrorism inside Pakistan. After its flawed “strategic depth” made shipwreck and America got together with India against China in the region, Pakistan took a close look at what India was doing in Afghanistan and joined the dots. It accepted that Pakistani Taliban ensconced in Afghanistan were killing people inside Pakistan but added the more dangerous detail about India actually funding the Taliban.

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