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Soft targets and scapegoats: Who are the real culprits behind the gruesome Sri Lanka bombings? By Umakanthan Packiyam

The Easter Sunday serial bombings in Sri Lanka aimed at churches and foreigners has shocked the world in terms of its intensity and devastation. This has deepened the contours between the communities even further.


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Modi must address important concerns over the next year
By Sudip Bhattacharyya

Institutions of good governance are crumbling due to pressure from the Modi government - this is another concern which Modi must address, writes Sudip Bhattacharyya  for South Asia Monitor

Immortalising a saint-reformer-revolutionary's teachings

The details of Guru's renunciation of family life, his mediation in the wilderness, his interaction with people of different strata of society, his building of temples and fight against untouchability fit into the making of a saint revolutionary.

Bridging the gap: Connecting Sikkim to Tibet will be win-win for both India and China

Commerce, Culture and Connectivity are the three pillars of India’s robust engagement with South-East Asia and good road connectivity is one crucial requisite for such close interface.

Changing world order presents an opportunity for India
By Amit Kapoor

The contrasting events that transpired in the cities of Quebec and Qingdao over the weekend signalled the immediacy of the changing world order.

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