Russia, Pakistan sign MoU on gas pipeline from Iran

Russia and Pakistan signed a memorandum of understanding on implementing a project to build an underwater gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and India, the Russian Energy Ministry said in a statement Thursday.  

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What's up at the regulators

If what they’re saying is true, that the government is moving to ‘abolish’ the regulators and practically take over all their functions, then it will be an unmitigated disaster for each of the sectors involved. But, at the moment, nothing of the sort has happened. Most of the people raising a hue and cry about this agree that the main regulator at stake is Nepra, the power sector regulator that is currently in the thick of deciding the fate of billions of dollars worth of projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Parliament or Judiciary: who is the grand inquisitor?

Following the shocking result of the Brexit referendum in the UK, the Supreme Court of England and Wales recently heard an appeal concerning the lawfulness of the UK government’s intention to serve notice of its to leave the European Union under the powers of the Royal Prerogative, rather than through an Act of Parliament. 

Zardari's new gimmick

Past master in wheeling and dealing Asif Ali Zardari, has ended his self-exile and is back in the country in the hope of turning the political tide. His decision to go back to the National Assembly along with his son Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has surprised even his supporters. His presence in parliament will certainly have a significant impact but it is not likely to change the political dynamics at work in the country.


Let's fake it

This week, our defence minister Khawaja Asif directed a nuclear threat to Israel in response to a news report that quoted the Israeli defence minister of threatening to “destroy [Pakistan] with a nuclear attack.”

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