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US policies toward India and Asia need strategic coherence

President Donald J. Trump is on his first official trip to Asia, with stops in Japan, South Korea, China, and now Vietnam, for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) summit. In his address to the APEC CEO Summit, he outlined his stamp on Asia statecraft, which includes a vision of upholding a “free and open Indo-Pacific.” However, the United States cannot achieve that goal without strong Asian partnerships—including with India.

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India and Pakistan at war against peaceniks

Peace doesn’t make good TV. Dialogue is not an exciting visual. The history of Kashmir doesn’t fit into 140 characters. While peaceniks on both sides of the border search for a new vocabulary, we need a few moments of quiet mourning.  

As Aung San Suu Kyi Visits India, She Leaves a Powder Keg Ready to Blow Back Home

It is time for Suu Kyi to earn her Nobel Peace Prize once more and in doing so, save her vision for the future of her country. If she will not do so out of basic humanity, then hopefully she will do so when her neighbours and the international community make it a condition for continued economic cooperation.

Retreat by Moscow? With old ally no longer looking out for India, it must redo its strategic math

India’s diplomatic drive to isolate Pakistan encountered a determined Chinese block at the Goa Brics summit, and the bad news from New Delhi’s point of view is that old ally Russia is more in China’s corner than India’s on this one. 

Power and principle

With far more sweeping capabilities today, Beijing can and will vigorously contest the notion that South Asia and the Indian Ocean are part of Delhi’s natural sphere of influence. Delhi can respond effectively to Beijing’s challenge only by redoing the equation between power and principle. It could begin by learning from China on how to put the principle of power above the presumed power of principle.

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India poised to join China as global leaders in renewables: Report

India is poised to join China as the two global leaders in the renewable energy technology-led transformation, a US-based research institute said.


India’s growth story is treading on thin ice

By all estimates, the Indian economy has entered a phase of recovery. After a period of subdued growth that was marred by a spate of disruptions, India has regained the fastest-growing major eco...