Indo-Lankan trade ties hold economic promise for both countries

The links between the two countries, combined with Colombo striving for a balanced foreign policy alongside India’s 'Neighbourhood First’ policy could benefit both countries in economic terms by endeavouring to balance bilateral trade, which currently favours India, write Srimal Fernando and Mizly Nizar for South Asia Monitor

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South Asia satellite: Paving way for sub-regional connectivity

While the South Asia satellite cannot be a panacea for the many regional predicaments, but it provides an opportunity for the South Asian states too cooperate with one another and minimize the trust deficit that has been an unfortunate emblem of this region, writes Aniket Bhavthankar for South Asia Monitor.  

US should not give nuclear-capable F-16s to a rogue Pakistan

The US is adding fuel to the destruction of the Baloch people by providing Pakistan with latest equipment and F-16 fighter jets. The Baloch plea to the US public is that do not support your government’s policies that are a direct threat to existence of another nation – in this case the Baloch nation, writes Sobdar Baloch for South Asia Monitor.

Myanmar's transition to civilian rule: A path full of hurdles

In a historic change, a civilian-led government has been installed in power in Myanmar. Where the new government seem to have implemented several changes in the administration, however monumental challenges in the form of ethnic and communal strife as well as economic difficulties stare the new government in the face, writes Obja Borah Hazarika for South Asia Monitor.

Bangladesh has achieved remarkable success in counter- terrorism

Taking steps to ensure that its secular fabric does not get hacked by the fringe radical elements that have been on a rampage in the country of late, Bangladesh has acceded to many regional and international agreements to counter the menace of terrorism and extremism, writes Rupak Bhattacharjee for South Asia Monitor.

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In northeast India, water-management practices to deal with climate change

In a small village on the north bank of the Brahmaputra in Assam in northeast India, farmer Horen Nath stood gazing at his partially submerged paddy field. The floods had kept their annual date but mercifully, the farmer said, the waters have started receding. "The weather has become very strange of late. We always had ample rain,


UAE, Saudi Arabia can help India meet any oil deficit, says UAE envoy

Even as the US-imposed sanctions on Iran has put India’s energy security in jeopardy, United Arab Emirates Ambassador to India Ahmed Albanna has allayed fears of an oil shortage, saying hi...