Russia, Pakistan sign MoU on gas pipeline from Iran

Russia and Pakistan signed a memorandum of understanding on implementing a project to build an underwater gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and India, the Russian Energy Ministry said in a statement Thursday.  

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Pakistan Has a Drinking Problem

Pakistan was recently mesmerized by a bottle of Scotch whisky. On Oct. 30, as hundreds of supporters of the opposition party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (P.T.I.) were making their way to the capital Islamabad, with the declared intent of shutting down the city, the police searched the car of a P.T.I. politician and discovered a bottle of Johnny Walker Double Black.  

CPEC challenge and opportunity

The CPEC is a multidisciplinary project where systems integration plays a key role. The CPEC provides Pakistan a unique opportunity to master and upgrade new technologies and improve managerial practices that could find wider application in the country. 

A new general in GHQ

This doesn’t mean that nothing is expected out of General Bajwa whose job is cut out for him. The real feel of change would be in how he handles politics, his publicity and his organisation that was undermined due to the rules of business set out by his predecessor.

The 'minority' problem

Pakistan by pointing out the ill treatment of minorities, while others see it as a plot by minorities themselves to get easy asylum abroad. So what is the real issue?

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