Russia, Pakistan sign MoU on gas pipeline from Iran

Russia and Pakistan signed a memorandum of understanding on implementing a project to build an underwater gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan and India, the Russian Energy Ministry said in a statement Thursday.  

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From one Sharif to another

As Pakistan’s army chief retires on schedule, its Prime Minister has an opportunity to consolidate the slow process of democratisation under way in the country since 2007.

Hail the new chief

Dear General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Congratulations on being appointed the new Chief of the Army Staff. Welcome to the hot seat. Here’s what you might want to consider as you adorn the four stars– and a heavy responsibility – on your shoulders.  

Shades of McCarthyism in Pakistan

Malice and bravado, which have become the main ingredients of public discourse in Pakistan, now threaten to develop into a wave of persecution against whoever is considered to be on the wrong side of the all-powerful authorities.  

General Raheel Sharif’s journey to success

The Army Chief has set some good precedence for his successor and lessons for his predecessors, some of whom had political ambitions which certainly hurt the institution. Smooth transition in any institution including the army is important. Similarly smooth transfer of power in democracy helps in institution building.

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