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India–Pakistan power play 2019: A Sri Lankan perspective By Piyumi Fonseka

The Indian subcontinent is home to two of the largest armies on Earth. Not only are the armies of India and Pakistan among the world's largest, but they have stood on alert facing one another since the dissolution of the British Indian Army in 1947.

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Sustainable development should be part of democratic functioning
By Manju Theresa Mathew

For the future of the planet, it is necessary to prominently include environment, biodiversity and sustainable development as part of democratic functioning. This aspect makes projects like ISA commendable as it can take democracies to a more environmentally sensible future

Russia, Syria invite probe into alleged chemical attacks
By Arul Louis

After United States President Donald Trump threatened that there would be a “big price to pay” for the alleged chemical attack in Syria, Russia and Syria have invited an investigation into the alleged chemical weapon strike in Syrian rebel-held territory.

Warren's criticism of Trump foreign policy has lessons for other countries
By Tridivesh Singh Maini

Opposition leaders in other parts of the world, including India, would do well to learn from Warren’s logical criticism of Trump. It is easy to criticize policies, but it is important to remain nuanced, and give constructive suggestions, like Warren, writes Tridivesh Singh Maini

Stephen Hawking: Graduating to metaphysics in India, yet unheard on climate change
By Rajendra Shende

After his visit to India in 2001, he crossed the boundary of rationality from astrophysics to metaphysics, writes Rajendra Shende

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