Can India become a global beacon for democracy? Yes, if....

I believe India is poised to move centrestage as an exemplar of and worldwide advocate for democracy.  I say this recognizing that India as a nation and democracy is far from perfect.  It has numerous problems that need to be addressed in order to don the mantle of a democratic leader, writes Frank F Islam for South Asia Monitor

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India-Pakistan relations: Just too many elephants in the room

Right from the horrors of partition to the creation of Bangladesh as an independent country, there are just too many elephants in the room. The atmosphere of peace between India and Pakistan continues to be critically vitiated and it is difficult to envisage how meaningful negotiations can ever take place, writes Amb. Amit Dasgupta for South Asia Monitor.

Stalled before take off: The unsure status of political negotiations in Maldives

Where the Yameen leadership in Maldives continues to be sending out signals that it would go along with all legitimate expectations of the international community on domestic peace and political stability, but subverting the due processes on the domestic front to accommodate global concerns is not what they intend to warm up to, writes N. Sathiya Moorthy for South Asia Monitor.

Faceoff in Afghanistan: Taliban and ISIS fight it out for control

IS’ entry into Afghanistan is complicating the already complex conflict in the country. Challenging Taliban, and rather violently, for strategic space and prominence, the incendiary rivalry between them could very well derail the elusive peace process, writes S. Binodkumar Singh for South Asia Monitor

Keeping radicalism at bay: Muslim grievances need to be addressed

While it is reassuring to know that the softer version of Islam practicesd by a majority of Muslims in India can be an effective impediment to the spread of Wahhabism in the country, proactive measures that go beyond necessary security efforts will have to be taken to keep radicalism at bay, writes Jai Kumar Verma for South Asia Monitor.

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Tackling e-waste: UNSW's Indo-Australian scientist offers to help India

Indo-Australian scientist Veena Sahajwalla, whose pioneering invention of the world’s first micro factory to tackle e-waste has generated global attention, says the technology can be deployed in areas of Delhi like Seelampur and Mayapuri, home to hundreds of MSMEs, to help ‘kabadiwallas’, the traditional waste collect


India’s urban agenda one of the defining projects of 21st century: Minister

“India’s urban agenda will constitute one of the defining projects of the 21st century,” Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Puri told the High Level Political Forum on ...