India. China can make global impact to combat plastic pollution


The plastic waste processing industry in India is predominantly in SMEs and the informal sector. Though data on the capacity of processing of such waste is not available, if India decides to take advantage of the ban in China, it could certainly benefit in terms of enhancing employment and the billions of dollars of waste-recycling business, writes Rajendra Shende for South Asia Monitor

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North Korea: A cancer in Asia that needs to be checked

North Korea’s nuclear test squarely questions the effectiveness of the global non-proliferation regime. The cancer of illegal nuclear trade is posing a danger to global peace and security and warrants a comprehensive framework to confront this danger, writes Aniket Bhavthankar for South Asia Monitor.

Web of financial terror in sub-continent: Pakistan's doing can be its undoing

The problem of terror funding and circulation of counterfeit currency is not only crippling the economy of the sub-continent but financial fraud has become an important constituent of terrorism. Facing serious challenges of counterfeiting on its domestic front, the menace it has furthered is coming to bite its own hands, writes Sanchita Bhattacharya for South Asia Monitor.

Re-taking Ramadi: Turning the tables on the Islamic State

The battlefield victory in Ramadi needs to be followed up with matching political steps to sustain the military gains and to prevent re-emergence of the IS or jihadists in the re-captured town, writes Amb. R. Dayakar for South Asia Monitor

The year of change, the year of resentment: 2015 for Nepal

The promulgation of new Constitution in Nepal can be described as one step forward, but the country is still mangled in multiple protests. Although the ruling establishment claims that the Constitution addresses the concerns of all communities, the real test for the Koli government this year will be to arrest the spiraling resentment, writes S. Binodkumar Singh for South Asia Monitor.

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Three new projects in U.S.-India State and Urban Initiative

The U.S.-India State and Urban Initiative, led by the CSIS Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies and the CSIS Energy and National Security Program, has announced three new projects with the state government of Maharashtra


India's agriculture crisis: Can Modi government address stagnating farm incomes?

India may be the world’s fastest growing large economy but the growth process has not been inclusive enough to lift the incomes of its 119-odd million farmers.