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The U.S. and India: Partners in the 21st Century

Thank you, Dr. Gupta, for inviting me to the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses, and for your leadership of this distinguished organization.  It’s a special honor to have this opportunity on my first visit to India as Secretary of Defense. This trip has taken me from Pacific Command Headquarters in Hawaii, to the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, to Cam Ranh Bay and Hanoi in Vietnam.  It’s appropriate that as I have defined our new defense strategy for the 21st Century....

Keeping India safe in cyberspace

There is increasing concern in the strategic community and the general public about cyber security and we are in the final stages of preparing a whole-of-government cyber security architecture.

Harsh Realities facing the Af-Pak Conundrum

As the United States prepares for a withdrawal from Afghanistan, it is leaving behind a complex cauldron of bilateral and regional relations which will impact the future of not just Afghanistan, but those of its neighbours Iran and Pakistan too.

Climate Change and Its Impact on Security

Since Climate Change issue has already begun to have its negative impact on the world climate and thus it had become all the more urgent to find out agreeable to all logical and viable solutions to lessen the impact of such a change which will only be possible when the countries scattered around the globe cooperate with each other

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