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UN Security Council undermining General Assembly's authority: India

While criticising the UN Security Council for “undermining” the authority of the General Assembly, India has said that the 193-member body has to assume some of the blame because of its focus on procedures rather than substantive matters.

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US sees role for India in battle against Islamic State

  US deputy national security Adviser Ben Rhodes said India’s involvement could focus on intelligence on the flow of money and militants to the radical Islamist group - Sanjeev Miglani 

The perfect storm: On the new Saudi King

The new Saudi king faces serious challenges on several fronts. To Abdul Aziz, who needed men to counter the Hashemite Sharif of Makkah, this was essentially a pragmatic bargain as, at their height, the Ikhwan provided as many as 60,000 fighters to the cause.

Globalisation and the two holy worlds

If someone like PK (from the Indian movie PK) was observing these spectacles from his spaceship, he would have concluded that there lived two different worlds on planet earth. With the passage of time these imaginary worlds also change as our physical world transforms but the rate of change is not uniform across the globe. 

The Muslim in liberal Europe

The French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo is known for its irreverent approach to religion. In the past it has published cartoons of the Prophet. A cartoon controversy has raged for quite some time in western Europe, which has resulted in similar violent assaults by incensed Muslims determined to mete out extreme punishment on the offenders.

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