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Text of PM’s remarks at G20 Summit in Cannes

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's remarks on the  G20 Summit at Cannes that meeting focused on resolving the Eurozone crisis and asked tax havens to adopt prudential norms for sharing of information to check money-laundering and terror-funding.There he made it clear that management of the crisis is primarily the responsibility of the European countries.


Interview with Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury

Ambassador Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury was Foreign Advisor (Foreign Minister) of Bangladesh from 2007 to 2009. During his four decades of public service career, he has held the posts as Ambassador and Permanent Representative to both New York and Geneva. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of South Asian Studies.

Joint Press Briefing of the Foreign Minister of Pakistan and the Secretary of State of United States of America

 Whether the recent meet of the National representatives of US and Pakistan has been successful in opening new rooms of diplomacy is a matter of time. New contours are expected to come up on the process. Here is the Joint Press briefing of the meet .

Fifth IBSA Dialogue Forum - Tshwane Declaration

The participating leaders of three countries acknowledged the importance of the IBSA Dialogue Forum as an instrument to promote coordination on global issues, pertinently during the historic occasion of 2011 when all IBSA Member States serve as non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.Recalling the Declarations and Communiqués issued during the previous Summits, they took the opportunity to deliberate on different issues

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