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India pushes African right to permanent UNSC seat

India has stressed Africa's right to representation among the ranks of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council in an effort to bring in a sense of urgency to the long-stalled reform process.

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Echoes of the Pink Tide

For U.S. foreign policy, its two Latin American pillars have been an isolation of Cuban socialism and support of the Colombian war against FARC. With their unravelling now, vested interests might try and introduce obstacles, but the developments, nevertheless, indicate a decisive shift in the tide of history.

Going back to Bush and Saddam

Fyodor Dostoevsky writes in Crime and Punishment that it takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently. Those words rang hollow in the report on the CIA torture recently released by the US Senate Intelligence Committee. 

In Australia’s pain, lessons for all

It is hard to think of more vivid proof of the futility and failure of terrorism than the resilience and rallying together of Australians from many backgrounds, and a far more powerful image to show the world than any sterile propaganda of hate.

State of siege

A Terrorist attack has long been feared in Australia, but it would be reasonably safe to say that the events that unfolded in the heart of Sydney in the past couple of days took everyone by surprise — not just the public and the authorities but quite possibly even the potential perpetrators of Islamist violence.

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