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UN Security Council undermining General Assembly's authority: India

While criticising the UN Security Council for “undermining” the authority of the General Assembly, India has said that the 193-member body has to assume some of the blame because of its focus on procedures rather than substantive matters.

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The IS: existential or exaggerated danger?

How dangerous is the Islamic State (IS)? Given the barbarism, ruthlessness and brutality of the IS in establishing a caliphate, in part by absorbing or coercing acceptance by Sunnis, Baathists and former Saddam loyalists disenfranchised or persecuted by the Shia government in Baghdad, will that amalgam hold? 

The new Iron Curtain of Europe

Changing demographics, the global recession and increasing pressure on the welfare system has ratcheted up cultural and racial tensions in Germany  

Contending with the IS threat in Pakistan

  Last week, I had promised to write about the measures Muslim countries are taking to counter the threat of the Islamic State (IS) virus infecting people in their countries. 

Radical face of Saudi Wahhabism

The agenda of the Islamic State today is merely an extension of the devious plan laid down by Abdul Wahhab almost two hundred years ago.

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