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India can sustain 8-9% growth over next 30 years: FM

The Finance Minister of India, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee have reffered  India as one of the largest and among the most dynamic emerging economies  that continues to be a key driver of global growth. After a GDP growth rate of over 9% in the three years leading to the crisis, a slowdown to 6.8% in the crisis year of 2008-09, followed by strong recovery of over 8% in the two years following the slowdown. He added, India has demonstrated its resilience and the capacity to overcome adversities in its development path.

Pak-US & Afghan endgame

Despite the spiral of distrust embittering current Pak-US ties, the dividends from building on convergences is considered instrumental in any endgame calibration of mutually desired outcomes. This can be accomplished with much less pain if there is an appreciation in American policy circles that Pakistan’s actions in the region may be motivated by fear rather than ambition.

How America has changed after 9/11 in these 10 yrs

Sunday  this week   marks the 10th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 – what in the American lexicon has now become embedded as 9/11 and it is useful to review the impact this decade has had on the USA as a nation and as a symbol of the world’s oldest and most energetic ‘melting-pot’  democracy. Uday Bhaskar

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