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India now a major force in South-South cooperation

Enhanced South-South cooperation among developing countries fueled by the rapid economic growth of some in their ranks should not be used as an excuse by developed countries of the North to cut back aid, India has said.

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Sri Lanka welcomes foreign aid

Sri Lanka is ready to accept development assistance from its foreign partners but will not tolerate foreign interference in its reconciliation process, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said Saturday.

India’s states: a silver lining amid economic gloom

In recent months, there has been little but gloom about India’s economic prospects in the financial markets, for the following six very good reasons:

Post-2014 Afghan economy in peril

The ability to launch mega projects and create job opportunities in post-2014 Afghanistan will be stifled by donor fatigue.

Sri Lanka plans tea hub, imports from India, China

Sri Lanka's tea exporters are lobbying for liberalized imports to expand the industry and make it into a tea hub by blending high quality tea from China, India and Kenya, an official said here Wednesday.

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