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Tillerson’s Myanmar visit shows Trump’s renewed interest in South-East Asia

As part of his six-nation trip to Asia, US secretary of state Rex Tillerson will visit Myanmar on November 15. The main focus of Tillerson’s meeting with senior government leaders will be on issues concerning the Rohingya crisis.

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Saudi Arabia seeks stability in Middle East; India a strategic partner

India is a strategic partner in our journey of progress. We share deep-rooted bilateral ties that have been nourished through growing economic partnership, multi-faceted cooperation and vibrant people to people connection, writes Ambassador Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Sati Saudi

A new era for Saudi women

A royal decree has been issued in the Saudi Kingdom allowing women to drive cars from June 2018 onwards.

India, South Korea review economic agreement's progress

India and South Korea have reviewed the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) during the visit of Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu in Seoul.

Will North Korea violate a global norm on atmospheric testing?

An atmospheric test by Pyongyang  would ensure that North Korea could become a pariah state for the rest of Kim Jong-Un’s lifetime...However, their technologies in terms of making nuclear and thermonuclear bombs and rocketry that was acquired from late Pakistani scientist A Q Khan network and the Chinese/Soviet sources merits scrutiny, writes Pinaki Bhattacharya for South Asia Monitor.

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