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Delhi’s debilitating smog is shocking but not surprising

If it weren’t for the fact that pollution levels are the worst ever every year, Delhi could have been living in a science fictional time loop for the past few years.

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Save our rivers: India is heading for a grave water crisis, it must take remedial measures urgently

It is on the banks of its rivers that India’s civilisation and its cities emerged and were nurtured. Population pressures and developmental imperatives may have led to overexploitation of our rivers and groundwater, but poor planning and wilful neglect breaking the organic links between rivers, nature and people is no longer acceptable.

A tragic trilogy

Aeschylus, the renowned Greek tragic playwright, wrote a trilogy — Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, and The Eumenides. Haryana has scripted a different kind of tragic trilogy — Satlok Ashram in 2014, Jat reservation agitation in 2016 and Dera Sacha Sauda in 2017.

Centre must embrace Niti Aayog findings to get manufacturing sector back on track

The business of India remains to make it hard to do business. A Niti Aayog and IDFC institute survey of formal Indian manufacturing firms has found that as of the 2016 reforms by the NDA government, factory-owners largely do not feel things had changed too much.

Why the Centre must stop targeting the NGT

The National Green Tribunal (NGT)’s journey since its inception in 2010-11 has been far from easy: Despite being a body constituted by an Act of Parliament, the Supreme Court in the initial years had to intervene to ensure necessary administrative arrangements were made by the government for the tribunal to become fully functional.

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In northeast India, water-management practices to deal with climate change

In a small village on the north bank of the Brahmaputra in Assam in northeast India, farmer Horen Nath stood gazing at his partially submerged paddy field. The floods had kept their annual date but mercifully, the farmer said, the waters have started receding. "The weather has become very strange of late. We always had ample rain,


IMF cuts India's growth projection, but it still retains world's top spot

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) cut India's growth projections for this fiscal year to 7.3 per cent and for the next to 7.5 per cent on Monday, although the country will still retain i...