India's hyper-nationalist narratives helped Pakistan Army stay relevant

The warmongering narrative, primarily driven by the ruling party and the media at large, may fetch some electoral gains to the BJP  but it has proved to be welcome fodder for the Army in Pakistan as it tries to reinvent itself to remain relevant, writes Mayank Mishra for South Asia Monitor

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Two months before elections, it is advantage Modi

The biggest challenge for the anti-Modi political parties is to find alternative issues which will hold in the face of the mood that has set in post the punitive air operations into Pakistani territory which have set war clouds looming over the subcontinent, writes Rashmi Saksena for South Asia Monitor     

India should support Bangladeshi diplomatic efforts to repatriate Rohingyas

The Bangladesh government has been making diplomatic efforts to persuade Myanmar to take the refugees back gradually but, in reality, it is highly unlikely the Bangladesh government will succeed in sending the refugees back to Myanmar any time soon, writes Mohammad Tarikul Islam for South Asia Monitor  

Lessons for India from the US experience: Asymmetric wars are best fought asymmetrically

What we need to remember from this experience is that we have been struck by asymmetric acts of hybrid war several times. That is exactly what happened to the US in 9/11. In sheer anger and under severe public pressure the US responded in the conventional realm of war fighting and got itself into a quagmire, both in Afghanistan and in Iraq, leading to large casualties, long drawn  trauma and close to an estimated 5 trillion USD expenditure, writes  Lt Gen Syed Ata Hasnain (retd) for South Asia Monitor  

US weighed in on Pakistan to defuse South Asian crisis

As the US negotiations with the Taliban enter a crucial phase and Washington plans to reduce the number of troops based there by half, and eventually pullout completely in five years, it has to ensure that chaos on the subcontinent do not interfere with its plans, writes Arul Louis for South Asia Monitor  

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