Local-body polls must be held in Jammu & Kashmir: Government must not succumb to pressure

The situation is not as grim as the NC and PDP would have us believe. In fact, there is a groundswell of joy in the Jammu region for conduct of these elections. The situation in the Valley is manufactured and can be brought under control, writes Anil Gupta for South Asia Monitor

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I-Day reflection: Is the law failing India's citizens?

Citizenship in India is no longer equal and  the law, alas, is not applied equitably.  On its 71st independence anniversary one cannot ignore the conjecture  that  India,  which had  determinedly rejected the two-nation theory  in August 1947, is now  moving towards it in a visible manner, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

71st Independence Day: Is India’s soil infertile for true democracy?

India’s democracy needs course correction on a war footing. Rhetoric and rabble rousing are no substitute for informed debate and meaningful public discourse, writes A. Prasanna Kumar for South Asia Monitor

Kashmir: Can the nation win back Kashmiri hearts and minds? (Indian Independence Day Special)

The army restores near normalcy, at a big cost in soldiers’ lives and peoples’ goodwill and, on each occasion, politicians in Delhi and Srinagar belie the peoples’ hope that they will step in with a panacea for Kashmir, writes Admiral Arun Prakash (retd.) for South Asia Monitor  

Assam citizenship issue resolution requires political will; deportation not an option

Millions of Indians in Assam, often surviving on basic subsistence, have no access to historical documentation to establish citizenship claims. Even people with legitimate documents proving their citizenship status were not registered because of technical reasons like spelling mistakes or different names being used in various documents, writes Anil Bhat for South Asia Monitor

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Lowest solar tariff underpins India's clean energy transformation: IEEFA

Gujarat's 500 MW solar tender results have delivered India's record low tariff of Rs 2.44 per kilowatt and this underpins the country's transformation to clean energy, US-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) said on Tuesday.


Amid trade war, India looks to resume oil meal export to China

Amid the ongoing trade war between Beijing and Washington, an Indian business delegation on Wednesday held talks with Chinese oil meal importers as New Delhi looks to resume export of its crop b...