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Leading designers join Indian spiritual guru in Fashion for Peace in New York

Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation, known as much for his sartorial sense as his profound wisdom, joined the world’s leading designers in a global effort to Save the Weaves at Fashion for Peace in New York City on 13 February 2019. 

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To be a world leader, India's needs a world-class higher education system

India has the third-largest higher educational system in the world. In 2016, there were 799 universities and 39,071 colleges spread across the country. These numbers are staggering. The growth of higher education in India over a little more than half a century has been even more staggering.

First Nagamese language movie screened at Nagaland film fest

Driven by the motto of "Promoting Every Child's Right to Entertainment", the Nagaland Children's Film Bonanza began on Tuesday at RCEMPA Auditorium in Kohima, the mountainous state capital of Nagaland.

Western culture destroying family values in Bangladesh; crimes rising

Family kinship and societal bonds are getting weaker by the day and unethical and unsocial activities like crimes, violence, sexual harassment, and even radicalization of members, are increasing in Bangladesh society, writes Minhazur Rahman Rezvi for South Asia Monitor 

‘Vaishnav Jan To’: The song of the righteous that Gandhi made famous

Born over four centuries and 300 km apart, a single song fused the spirits of Narsinh Mehta and Mohandas Gandhi. By the time Gandhi was born in 1869, Narsinh had already been a figure of great reverence in Gujarat for over four centuries.

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