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Craft diplomacy: Indonesian envoy opens Delhi's crafts bazaar

The 15-day Dastkari Haat Crafts Bazaar, which was inaugurated on Thursday by Indonesian Ambassador to India Sidharto Reza Suryodipuro at INA's Dilli Haat in New Delhi, is hosting skill exchange workshops between Indian and Indonesian artists, which organiser Jaya Jaitly said is an example of "craft diplomacy".

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‘Vaishnav Jan To’: The song of the righteous that Gandhi made famous

Born over four centuries and 300 km apart, a single song fused the spirits of Narsinh Mehta and Mohandas Gandhi. By the time Gandhi was born in 1869, Narsinh had already been a figure of great reverence in Gujarat for over four centuries.

Solo show by Bangladeshi artist opens in Delhi gallery


A solo show of photographic works by one of the most dynamic names from the Bangladeshi art scene opened for public viewing at the Akar Prakar gallery in New Delhi.

Hinduism is the ideal religion for a modern age of incertitude: Indian politician-writer Shashi Tharoor

Hinduism is a “wonderful” religion suited for the modern era of uncertainty and questioning because it values incertitude, according to author-politician Shashi Tharoor who also excoriated the politicisation of the faith.  He said the spasms of bigotry were a passing phase in India because tolerance and acceptance of the other was “built into the bones” of the Indian people.

Ten development efforts that will take India's literacy to new heights

The 52nd International Literacy Day just gone by is the right opportunity to look at literacy beyond the ability to read and write but help us become more active citizens who are aware and more conscious of our rights and duties et al.

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Air pollution battle in India needs a sense of urgency

If India takes the top place in GDP growth globally, why we have such lower targets in meeting air quality over five years, particularly considering the fact that it is the 65 percent of India’s young population would be the main victims of the worsening air quality, writes Rajendra Shende for South Asia Monitor . 


Bangladesh, ADB sign deal for rural road network

 The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Bangladeshi government have signed an agreement for $200 million in loans to improve the rural road network in Bangladesh.