Climate Change / Sustainable Development

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A tree that can be a source of both power and fodder

Subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) is a fast-growing tree species. It provides a medium density wood (because of its fast growth); excellent high protein fodder from its leaves and fixes nitrogen in the roots which helps the soil.

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Om Puri- the Actor & Peacenik

A great actor, a true champion of India-Pakistan Peace and a warm-hearted Punjabi in Mumbai is gone. Apparently a heart attack after a day of shooting.

An assassination in Ankara exposes fault lines in region

The assassination is a reminder of not just how deep fault lines run in the region but also of the geopolitics at play. writes Monish Gulati

Are we heading for a new totalitarian era?

What kind of world are we building? We should take up the great lessons of the past to understand the present writes Marco Emanuele.derstand the present, writes Marco Emanuele.

Will Putin visit herald a new era of Russo-Japanese entente?

Russian President Vladimir Putin will be in Japan December 15 for a two-day summit. Will the visit create a new legal foundation for a potentially game-changing partnership in Northeast Asia writes Monish Gulati.

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