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Immortalising a saint-reformer-revolutionary's teachings

The details of Guru's renunciation of family life, his mediation in the wilderness, his interaction with people of different strata of society, his building of temples and fight against untouchability fit into the making of a saint revolutionary.

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The Vajpayee legacy

Speaking in the Lok Sabha on April 21, 2003, about his just-concluded visit to J&K, PM Vajpayee spelt out his perspective on the way ahead to deal with the complex issues concerning the State. He spoke of major economic projects in areas like the development of road and rail infrastructure and promoting employment for the youth. 

Greater confidence-building measures needed in Kashmir

No doubt the condition of Kashmir has improved from what it was almost 50 days ago but it cannot be guaranteed that hostility will not pop up in future. The government should deal with sensitive issues with great concern and should furthermore build confidence and trust measures among the local people and the local government, writes Neha Gupta for South Asia Monitor.

Avert Sino-US showdown over South China Sea

China must be encouraged towards discussions by evolving a fresh global initiative so as to stall an imminent showdown in South China Sea. lt is certainly in the best interest of the world to not to let this regional rivalry blow up into a global  crisis, writes Sudhanshu Tripathi for South Asia Monitor.  

Islamisation of kashmiriyat

In the chrysalis of myth-making in Kashmir Valley’s fast circulating tittle tattle, India is now perceived to be the undisputed enemy and with its neo intifada succeeding in removing security forces from large pockets of the Valley, the general impression on the rumour circuit is that India is on the rails and ready to give in. 

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Three new projects in U.S.-India State and Urban Initiative

The U.S.-India State and Urban Initiative, led by the CSIS Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies and the CSIS Energy and National Security Program, has announced three new projects with the state government of Maharashtra


India urges OPEC to move to responsible oil pricing

India on Wednesday urged the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cartel to move to responsible pricing of oil and gas, saying the current prices are posing a threat to fragile w...