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Mend, not build, fences

A new strategy toward Pakistan, it was supposed to be auguring — our strikes on the LoC 10 days ago. The doctrine of ‘jaw for tooth’ by a ‘New India’ was supposed to compel Pakistan to realise India has a ‘different leader’. But fundamental questions remain unasked.  

Pakistan's domestic politics faces heat of isolation

Pakistan, isolated regionally and ignored internationally, is undergoing some soul-searching with friction reported between the civilian and military establishment over policy towards jehadis and lack of success in implementing the counter-terrorism plan. 

Could there be a new Dawn in Pakistan?

The last thing Pakistan wants is a war or even a declaration of war, a long time Pakistan watcher said.

Nepal echoes Indian stand on cross border terrorism

Taking exception to the recent developments between India and Pakistan following the terrorist attack in Uri where 18 Indian soldiers were killed, Nepal, as the Chair of SAARC, issued a third statement on Sunday (October 2) calling all member states to create conducive regional environment for the Saarc Summit.

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Sikkim's unique mountain architecture in need of protection

The Government of Sikkim realized something needs to be done and the newly-adopted Sikkim Tourism Policy is crystal clear about this. It states in Chapter 4: Application of appropriate designs for tourism infrastructure that considers the landscape, disaster risks, local architecture and materials needs to be addressed, writes Anne Fee


Nepal's economy expanding, GDP growth 6.3 per cent: IMF

On February 8, 2019, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation with Nepal.