Pakistan planned Kartarpur as a corridor of deceit, not peace

The presence of Khalistan protagonist Gopal Singh Chawla in the Kartarpur ceremony also amplifies the mala fide intention of Pakistan. Khan also made it clear that Kashmir is the only bone of contention between India and Pakistan and did not mention anything about cross-border terrorism, writes J K Verma for South Asia Monitor

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Welcome to the Republic of Ironistan

It is perhaps time to rename Pakistan Ironistan, as in a country where ironies never seem to cease. It got rid of a Prime Minister who refused to reopen corruption cases against its President but in his place appointed someone who is himself defending bribery charges writes Mayank Chhaya

Myanmar: Winds of change stoke regional interest

The importance of Myanmar in India's foreign policy has been rising sharply. Public interest is at its peak, following the historic visit by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in end May. Deliberations on the subject in the academic and strategic community took place earlier in various parts of the country writes Rajiv Bhatia

Will U.S.-Pakistan relations survive current frostiness?

The United States and Pakistan have been allies since the 1950s, but there has always been some ambiguity over the values and interests that underpin their relationship. Taking a longer-term view, the relationship has proved the most effective means for the U.S. to realise its primary objective of defeating its arch rival, the former Soviet Union writes Ishtiaq Ahmed

Welcome measures to boost India's exports

The backdrop for Commerce and Industries Minister Anand Sharma’s release of the annual supplement to the Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 on June 5 was one of general gloom, given the burgeoning fiscal deficit (5.9 percent of GDP for FY 12), unsustainable current account deficit (4 percent of GDP for FY 12), a falling rupee, the sharp decline in GDP growth writes P Chaganty

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Gujarat women’s group gets UNFCCC award

India's Gujarat state got a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) award for women's leadership with low cost and sustainable technology to tackle storms.


Indian government appoints new Chief Economic Advisor

The Indian government has appointed Krishnamurthy Subramanian as its new Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) in place of Arvind Subramanian, who left the post in July this year.