Baloch resentment against Chinese 'colonisation' runs deep

The security of Chinese citizens in Pakistan has become a concern for both nations. The Chinese are now targets of the religious extremists and the Baloch separatists, writes Aparna Rawal for South Asia Monitor

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Rare twist in Pakistan's blasphemy trials

Rimsha Masih, the 14 year old Christian girl charged with blasphemy in Pakistan last month, must have felt some respite in the early hours of September 2, when the Islamabad police arrested Imam Khalid Jadoon Chishti writes Gayathri Sreedharan

India's societal fabric is on test

India faces complex internal security challenges and the deliberate attempt  by certain external agencies to  stoke communal and sectarian  strife will be the most important security challenge for the next decade. The cynical manipulation of religion for electoral gain is a malignancy that India has to fight against writes C. Uday Bhaskar

The mole within Pakistan's deep state

It is absurd to claim that heinous acts of terrorism that take place in Pakistan, or are traced to Pakistan, are orchestrated by Pakistani state agencies, especially the ISI, ( many in India believe otherwise ) but one cannot deny that lapses in security arrangements are persistent and serious and cumulatively they pose a danger both to e Pakistan and other states as well. Needless to say, Afghanistan and India, the two most immediate neighbours are always worried about the safety of the security arrangements in Pakistan writes Ishtiaq Ahmed.

Is India risking alienating its strategic Northeast?

Bangalore, Chennai and Pune witnessed the worst-ever flight of panic-stricken people from the Northeast, sparked by threatening SMSes and social media messages. More important and alarming than the sheer numbers is the sense of fear and distrust this may set off among Indian citizens who have taken years to venture out to the heartland of their country writes Lt. Gen (Retd.) A.S. Lamba

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Air pollution battle in India needs a sense of urgency

If India takes the top place in GDP growth globally, why we have such lower targets in meeting air quality over five years, particularly considering the fact that it is the 65 percent of India’s young population would be the main victims of the worsening air quality, writes Rajendra Shende for South Asia Monitor . 


Bangladesh, ADB sign deal for rural road network

 The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Bangladeshi government have signed an agreement for $200 million in loans to improve the rural road network in Bangladesh.