Baloch resentment against Chinese 'colonisation' runs deep

The security of Chinese citizens in Pakistan has become a concern for both nations. The Chinese are now targets of the religious extremists and the Baloch separatists, writes Aparna Rawal for South Asia Monitor

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After 65 years, need for ‘azadi’ from fear of rape

The attempted rape and heinous murder of Pallavi Purkayastha, a young lawyer in Mumbai on August 10 by a 22-year-old security guard, followed the gang-rape of a young woman working with the Delhi Jal Board on the Agra highway a day before. These two gruesome incidents are only the most recent “news stories” of a shameful reality of India in 2012 writes Uday Bhaskar

37 years after Mujib: Bangladesh struggles to maintain secular identity

Thirty-seven years and still counting. Bangladesh yet again prepares to commemorate August 15 as National Mourning Day. It was on this fateful day in 1975 that the then President and founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, was brutally assassinated along with most of his family members by none other than officers and soldiers of the country’s Army. It is nothing but shameful that justice has not been done decades after the killing of one of the tallest political leaders in the post-World War II period writes Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury.

Pune blasts and the challenge to new Home Minister

The multiple, low-intensity blasts that shocked Pune on August 1 provided the backdrop for the change of guard at the Home Ministry with veteran political leader Sushil Kumar Shinde assuming office, as his predecessor P. Chidambaram moved to the Finance Ministry writes C. Uday Bhaskar

Osama may be dead, but not his anti-West sentiment

It is high time the West realised that one can kill Osama bin Laden, but even the best of bombs cannot kill the anti-West sentiment triggered and then fueled by the Al-Qaeda leader. Why? Simply because drones can kill only people, not their beliefs, which may be right or wrong. But yes, their beliefs can certainly be changed, writes Ravi Khanna

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Air pollution battle in India needs a sense of urgency

If India takes the top place in GDP growth globally, why we have such lower targets in meeting air quality over five years, particularly considering the fact that it is the 65 percent of India’s young population would be the main victims of the worsening air quality, writes Rajendra Shende for South Asia Monitor . 


Bangladesh, ADB sign deal for rural road network

 The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Bangladeshi government have signed an agreement for $200 million in loans to improve the rural road network in Bangladesh.