CPEC to subjugate Balochistan, further Pakistani-Chinese strategic goals

Afghanistan, Balochistan, Bangladesh and India have been victims of Pakistani state terrorism since the division of India and creation of Pakistan. It is time these nations, the Gulf States, the leadership of the West including the USA and Europe and Japan review their dysfunctional policies of trying to appease China, Pakistan and Iran, writes Sobdar Baluch for South Asia Monitor

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Why Pakistan’s army is more popular than its politicians

Why do Pakistanis support an army that eats up a fourth of their budget (actual figures suggest a third), and is responsible for the profligacy that accounts for another third being spent as interest?

Who declared Bangla freedom? Mujib or Ziaur

Bangladesh was born 40 years ago, but there's a lingering debate that continues to this day with no convincing answer. Who was it exactly that declared the country free? Sheikh Mujibur Rahman or Ziaur Rahman?

SAARC marks 26th anniversary

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) has completed 26 years.The regional grouping set up with the objective of promoting the living standards of the people and regional cooperation and amity has completed over two and half decades.

South Asian initiative seeks to break fresh ground

Governments of South Asia may not have progressed much beyond the rhetoric and cliches of regional cooperation, but a new initiative at a non-governmental level could break fresh ground and change mindsets in the elusive quest of forging a common regional destiny

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For creating an ecologically-friendly environment in Pakistan

  Unchecked urbanisation, overpopulation, tap water mixed with sewage water, raw industrial domestic effluents going straight into River Ravi without any cleansing process. Depleting ground water without adequate recharge of ground aquifers.


Fitch raises India's FY19 GDP growth forecast to 7.8%

US multinational Fitch Ratings on Friday raised India's GDP growth forecast for the current fiscal to 7.8 per cent, up from their earlier estimate of 7.4 per cent, indicating, however, that ...