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Why there is no end to violence in Buddha’s chosen land Sri Lanka?

On March 7th 2001 AFP reported an offer by the then Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga to finance a possible international operation to save the priceless Bambiyan Buddha statues threatened with destruction by the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan.

I sing a song rooted in Lahore's Pre-Partition History

In 1945 O.P. Nayyar recorded a private song at His Master's Voice Recording Company's Studio in SHAH DIN BUILDING on the Mall, near Charing Cross. OP Nayyar became a Bollywood legendary music director but was originally from Lahore.

Happy Holi - from Pakistan!

Holi Ayee re Ayee re Holi Ayee Re, May the colours of Holi fill your lives with abundant joy. A classic song on Holi Holi Ayee re Kanhai

South Asia Hand is back

Friends, you have probably noticed that South Asia Hand went silent for about six months. Many of you know the reason: my husband and co-creator of the site, Howard Schaffer, died in November after a long stay in the hospital.

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Six new elephant corridors to protect natural nomads

Expressing concern over the increasing number of elephant deaths in India, an international organisation involved in the preservation and protection of these animals globally has stressed the urgent need for a comprehensive policy change in the country to arrest the rapid fall in elephant population.


India’s growth trajectory predicated on structural reform

India’s ruling NDA regime will, no doubt, bask in the glow of regaining the world’s fastest-growing economy position according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).