The dichotomy in Bangladesh: Democracy or development

By narrowing the space for dissent and dichotomizing values, the ruling Awami League has effectively defanged the opposition, media as well as ordinary people writes Rishija Singh for South Asia Monitor

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US weighed in on Pakistan to defuse South Asian crisis

As the US negotiations with the Taliban enter a crucial phase and Washington plans to reduce the number of troops based there by half, and eventually pullout completely in five years, it has to ensure that chaos on the subcontinent do not interfere with its plans, writes Arul Louis for South Asia Monitor  

Modi should focus on ‘third way’ in dealing with Pakistan

India should take the lead with President Trump in establishing  an intergovernmental effort of ‘International Anti-terrorism Alliance’, much on the lines of the International Solar Alliance it piloted with the President of France in 2015.  He is surely to get international support in this common cause, writes Rajendra Shende for South Asia Monitor.  

National security imperative: India's political leadership must act now to appoint CDS

In 2001, the Kargil Review Committee and Group of Ministers (GoM), headed by then Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani, had made far-reaching recommendations, directing major changes in the higher defence structure. However, only some aspects were implemented, writes Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi for South Asia Monitor

India's emerging powerplay in the Indo-Pacific

India has now emerged as a major player in the Indo-Pacific. The United States’ renaming of the Hawaii-based US Pacific Command (USPACOM) as US Indo-Pacific Command (USIPACOM) followed by Trump administration’s repeated use of the phrase “Indo-Pacific” in tandem with the geopolitical realities has brought India to the centre-stage of this geopolitical churn, writes Amb. Bhaswati Mukherjee (retd.)  for South Asia Monitor

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