Pakistan has a record of murky elections; this will be no different

That is an irony because the military has for decades been instrumental, directly or otherwise, in influencing the results of elections in Pakistan. In quite a few devastating instances, the army has subverted the results of elections which propelled popular politicians and parties to power or close to it, writes Syed Badrul Ahsan for South Asia Monitor

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Crisis in Maldives: India should use diplomacy to resolve situation

The most viable route for India is to maintain its diplomatic stand and gather as much international support as possible, which will prove beneficial if the need for putting boots on the ground arises, as India will have the support of opposition parties in the Maldives and the international community, writes Vishwajeet Singh Raghav for South Asia Monitor.    

Needed a Vajpayee template to resolve Kashmir

This is not the first time that J&K has faced such a situation and this will be the eighth time since 1977 that Governor’s rule is being imposed in Srinagar and the fourth time since   Vohra assumed office in June 2008, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

Bilawal Bhutto: The rise of an heir apparent in Pakistan?

Bilawal Bhutto first came to the limelight in 2007 as a nervous 19-year-old unable to fathom the responsibility that had been put on his shoulders following his mother Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. Appointed as Chairman of PPP, with no real experience in politics or even an understanding of the country’s complex political milieu, few would have thought that the Oxford-educated Bhutto - like his mother - would ever make a mark in a role that was thrust on him, writes Lekshmi Parameswaran for South Asia Monitor

International Yoga Day: India's soft power wins over the world

The international impact of India’s soft power was felt long before the term found place in popular parlance in the 21st century. What is new is its strategic reorientation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who combined new elements of soft power to re-position India in the international community, writes Amb. Bhaswati Mukherjee for South Asia Monitor

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In northeast India, water-management practices to deal with climate change

In a small village on the north bank of the Brahmaputra in Assam in northeast India, farmer Horen Nath stood gazing at his partially submerged paddy field. The floods had kept their annual date but mercifully, the farmer said, the waters have started receding. "The weather has become very strange of late. We always had ample rain,


UAE, Saudi Arabia can help India meet any oil deficit, says UAE envoy

Even as the US-imposed sanctions on Iran has put India’s energy security in jeopardy, United Arab Emirates Ambassador to India Ahmed Albanna has allayed fears of an oil shortage, saying hi...