Sri Lanka's Easter Sunday carnage: The unspoken Pakistan factor

So far, Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda in South Asia (AQIS) has been more active in this region. Post the Christchurch terror attacks, Al Qaeda issued a statement saying they would not attack religious places. But ISIS and Pakistan-based terror organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and others have no such inhibitions, writes Lt Gen Prakash Chand Katoch (retd) for South Asia Monitor

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Transforming South Asia

We in South Asia tend to be modest (which is a good thing) and to underestimate ourselves (which is not such a good thing) when we speak of South Asian integration and the present situation in the sub-region says ShivShankar Menon

Sino-India ties: Need to look beyond border, river disputes

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi’s visit to Delhi on March 1 as part of the preparation for the BRICS Summit meeting in end-March that India is hosting was significant at the bilateral plane, as it led to a broad agreement for greater cooperation between the two Asian giants in the maritime domain. Writes C Uday Bhaskar

Has India lost the mango and the sack in the Maldives?

India has, as the saying goes, lost the mango as well as the sack in the Maldives. It has lost the goodwill of every democracy-loving Maldivian and has not gained anything from the new dispensation- backed and aided by a cocktail of the military, police, mafia and radicals.Writes Sumon K Chakrabarti

Time for US to end its delusion that Pakistan is an ally

For wrong reasons or right, Pakistan has for over three decades served as a hub for militant extremism. All militant and terrorist groups operating in the Philippines, Middle East, Central Asia, India, China’s Xinxiang, Afghanistan, the Caucuses, Europe and North America have, in one way or another, fresh or historical links with Pakistan. Writes Amrullah Saleh, former Director General of Afghanistan's Intelligence Directorate.

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