Channeling anger: Pulwama and the limits of Indian power and influence

We should be angry that we are unable to find a diplomatic or military solution to Pakistani intransigence, writes Amb. T.P. Sreenivasan(retd.) for South Asia Monitor.    

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Pakistan has lifted barriers to imports from India

Pakistan has lifted barriers to imports from India, reciprocating a similar move from New Delhi 15 years ago, giving a breath of fresh air to the relationship that has been marred by acrimony and distrust for decades.

India's Track 3: Afghan-Iran rail link

In a bold move to assert itself in the Af-Pak region India is finalising a plan to construct a 900-km railway line that will connect Chabahar port in Iran,  to the mineral-rich Hajigak region ofAfghanistan

Pakistan opposed to regional solution on Afghanistan

Pakistan, said sources, is trying to marshal support from an unlikely group of countries that may have implications for India.Pakistan has cited "national security", maintaining its old position that it needed to have a "friendly' government in Kabul as a defence against India.

The Quagmire Next Door

America began its military occupation of Afghanistan in 2001. It has spent hundreds of billions in chasing the al-Qaida and its affiliates, only to realise, a decade later, that the real problem lies in Pakistan!

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Sikkim's unique mountain architecture in need of protection

The Government of Sikkim realized something needs to be done and the newly-adopted Sikkim Tourism Policy is crystal clear about this. It states in Chapter 4: Application of appropriate designs for tourism infrastructure that considers the landscape, disaster risks, local architecture and materials needs to be addressed, writes Anne Fee


Nepal's economy expanding, GDP growth 6.3 per cent: IMF

On February 8, 2019, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation with Nepal.