Needed a radical new approach: South Asia ill-served by India-Pakistan hostility

Apart from the irrational rhetoric and flag-waving self-righteousness that marked the February exchanges between both countries, what stands out from the media discourse on both sides is the denial  of truth on the side of Pakistan and the shortsightedness in India to see beyond the manufactured triumphalism of its cross-border air strikes, writes Tarun Basu for South Asia Monitor 

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SAARC stresses more interaction, and people-to-people ties

Gilani emphasises need for coordination amongst SAARC members. -Singh announces trade incentives for member states.-Nasheed calls for need to build bridges

SAARC members urged to invest in social sector instead of arms

People’s SAARC, a parallel process of the civil society expressed concern over rising expenditure on purchase of arms and ammunition in the region and appealed the SAARC member to increase investments in the social sector especially health, education, housing, adequate food as basic rights for a more equitable and sustainable society.

US expects productive SAARC summit after Pakistan move, Istanbul moot

he United States expects a productive SAARC Summit this  week as the meeting follows Pakistan’s move to bolster trade with its eastern  neighbour India and South and Central Asian countries’ positve approach to the idea  of New Silk Road passing through Pakistan and its western neighbor Afghanistan.

India providing security cover at Saarc summit

India has deployed at least a couple of aircraft and warships, including a frigate packed with weapons, to provide "security cover" to the ongoing Saarc summit at Maldives.

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