Sri Lanka's Easter Sunday carnage: The unspoken Pakistan factor

So far, Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda in South Asia (AQIS) has been more active in this region. Post the Christchurch terror attacks, Al Qaeda issued a statement saying they would not attack religious places. But ISIS and Pakistan-based terror organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and others have no such inhibitions, writes Lt Gen Prakash Chand Katoch (retd) for South Asia Monitor

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Nato came under fire from Pakistan

Nato and Afghan forces came under fire from across the border with Pakistan before Nato aircraft attacked a Pakistani army post, killing 24 soldiers, a Western official and a senior Afghan security official said on Sunday. Pakistan has said the attack was an unprovoked assault.

A South Asian Grand Bargain

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the US form a rectangle of relationships in South Asia, with India, China, and the US constituting a triangle that not only contains the South Asia region, but is also a major theater in an increasingly global struggle. The emerging geopolitical centrality of the Indian Ocean, through which an ever-increasing share of world trade passes, is a third, complicating, factor.

South Asia takes step towards unity

The statistics of the Saarc region reveal a grim picture and a problematic road map towards integration: South Asia accounts for nearly 23 per cent of the total world population, yet its share of global GDP is less than three per cent and the region is home to 400 million poor people.This year's summit adopted the theme of Building Bridges, but the perpetual state of hostility that exists between India and Pakistan over Kashmir demonstrates the relative frailties of Saarc.

Nuclear Weapons Key to Peace in South Asia

Recent charges of governmental support for the Haqqani Network and other violent terrorist groups have revived fears of Pakistani nuclear material making it into the wrong hands. Pakistan must take real, visible steps at preventing cooperation between the military and non-state groups in the border regions if the nuclear stability and emerging peace in South Asia is to continue.


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