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Indian Coast Guard on high alert after Lanka bombings

In the aftermath of the deadly serial bombings which ravaged Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, the Indian Coast Guard has been placed on high alert along the Indian maritime border to prevent any attempt by those behind the Lanka attacks to escape.

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Ignore Pak rant on Valley

India should lose no sleep over Pakistan’s objection to the UN over the proposed geospatial information regulation bill, which will seek to make it mandatory for anyone offering maps online to get a licence from the government. Pakistan has taken umbrage over India’s depiction of Jammu and Kashmir with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) as part of India. But this has been India’s position for long and Pakistan’s objections should have no bearing on the country’s right “to have its own maps and regulations”. Also, Pakistan’s paranoia over Kashmir holds little meaning 69 years after Independence as the status quo prevails.


Coup by men not in the Army uniform

The Brazilian Senate has just voted 55 to 22 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. She will be suspended for the next 180 days while the same body tries her on the charge of understating the size of the budget deficit before the last election.

India remains stuck on the Pakistan or Nepal front, but dawn is breaking with Bangladesh

India’s Look/ Act East policy is growing a new gateway. Conventional wisdom had Myanmar as India’s lean-in platform for Asia. Bangladesh may be hijacking that role.

While India remains locked in a 1947 relationship with Pakistan and a 1950s one with Nepal, Bangladesh seems to have broken out and India and Bangladesh are taking simple but significant steps towards a new neighbourhood paradigm. The relationship is not problem-free by any stretch of the imagination, neither will it probably ever be. But dawn is breaking.

China's stand on NSG smacks of duplicity

China's recent invocation of the Non- Proliferation Treaty  (NPT) to try and block India's entry to the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) ignores Beijing's own record of helping North Korea, Pakistan and Iran acquire nuclear and missile technology in violation of international non-proliferation regimes. 


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