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The Indian Empire At War; by George Morton-Jack; Little, Brown Book Group; Pages 582; Rs 699

World War I was a long and brutal military confrontation between the major  powers  of the early 20th century fought across the trenches of Europe and in large swathes of Asia and Africa  resulting in the death of  millions of hapless soldiers and civilians who became unwitting pawns in the great global ‘game’.

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Afghanistan in Transition Beyond 2014?

Book: Afghanistan in Transition Beyond 2014?

Author: Shanthie Mariet D`Souza (Ed.)

Pages: 264

Price : Rs. 795

Publisher: Pentagon  

A candid post-mortem of the LTTE (Book Review)

Book: The Prabhakaran Saga

Author: S. Murari

Publisher: Sage Publishers

Pages: 362

Price: Rs.425

India’s Neighbourhood: Challenges in the Next Two Decades

Authors: Rumel Dahiya and Ashok K. Behuria


Publisher: Pentagon Security International ISBN 978-81-8274-687-9 Price: Rs. 995/-

Mujib, in his own words

Book: The Unfinished Memoirs

Author: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

(Translated by Dr Fakrul Alam with a preface by Sheikh Hasina)

Publisher: Penguin Viking

Pages: 323

Price: Rs 699

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Cyclonic storm Gaja batters South India

A severe cyclonic storm, Gaja, battered the coast of the southern Indian state Tamil Nadu on Friday, leaving at least 15 people dead and causing widespread destruction.


Iran, India discuss trade cooperation under US sanctions

India and Iran discussed ways of continuing biliateral trade under reimposed US sanctions, Eghtesad Online news website reported.