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Terror plots only come to fruition with help of governments

Much of the global counterterrorism effort is delusional. It is laying the foundation for deeper polarization and radicalization that will make the world less safe than it already is. 

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Book Review– Persian Gulf– 2012: India’s relations with the region

Author / Editor: P R Kumaraswamy   Middle East Institute at New Delhi, 2012   Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon for MEI@ND, September 2012   Price: Rs. 174/-  

Ramkinkar’s People Live Again

Book: Ramkinkar: The Man and the Artist Author: A. Ramachandran Publisher: NGMA Pages: 168 + plates

India's liberalisation through middle class eyes

The middle class will decide the course of liberalisation in India which will become more micro-level in search of solutions to problems, says writer and journalist Hindol Sengupta in his new book, "The Liberals".

'Afghanistan's future lies in strengthening democracy, checking corruption'

The future of Afghanistan depends upon how it strengthens its fledgling democratic institutions and arrests corruption, says Sujeet Sarkar, the author of a new book on the war-ravaged country.

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