Pakistan political parties fail to name caretaker PM

Following the failure of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and the opposition to reach a consensus on the name of a caretaker Prime Minister, the issue will now be sent to a parliamentary committee for deliberations, it emerged?.

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Window to the West

When in 1960 Mao Zedong sent off General Gengbiao, his second ambassador to Pakistan, he reportedly advised him: “Look after Pakistan; it is China’s window to the West”.

Extrajudicial killings in the name of counterterrorism are unacceptable

As a successor of the colonial police force, police departments in South Asia are notorious for their high-handed, brutal methods, especially for what is known as faked “encounter killings.” The Police Order of 1861 drafted by the British in India remains in force.

The guilty and the Kasur war

On Wednesday, Mardan entered the picture to alleviate some of the guilt that those assigned to mind Kasur must have felt in their weaker moments.

An opportunity for Pakistan

From the first day in office, Donald Trump has deliberately instigated controversies one after the other. He cancelled the Iran nuclear deal that the Obama Administration took years to achieve, under Trump the U.S backed out of the critical Climate Change Global Policy, unilaterally the U.S announced and implied occupation of Jerusalem as formally being a part of Israel and last but not the least,

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India poised to join China as global leaders in renewables: Report

India is poised to join China as the two global leaders in the renewable energy technology-led transformation, a US-based research institute said.


India in “good position” to face fallout from possible trade tensions: UN economist

India is in a “good position” to deal with any fallout from global trade tensions and with right policies can reach an 8 percent-plus growth rate and hold it, according to a UN econo...