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Police: Biggest priority this year will be the election

Maldives Police Service has said that their biggest priority in 2018 will be providing security and other obligations related to the Presidential Election.

“Oh, we’re sinking, look” – The Maldives and the environment

Last Wednesday he concluded the One Planet Summit, which marked two years since the Paris Agreement. In November he attended the COP23 Summit. The Maldives is a poster child internationally for its vulnerability to climate change, but its globetrotting and grandstanding has drawn criticism and mockery at home.

Maldives tests India's foreign policy 'red lines'

In mid-December, K.C. Singh, a former head of India's external affairs ministry, criticized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for alleged slackness in setting the parameters that shape the country's ties with its smaller neighbors. In India's immediate periphery, "invisible red lines must exist and be enforced," Singh argued in a commentary in an Indian newspaper.

2017 review: An 'unholy' alliance redefines Maldives politics

Its been nearly a decade since Maldives politics has seen a semblance of calm. Since the country's first democratic elections in 2008, the archipelago has witnessed a police mutiny, the premature end of a government, nationwide protests and a marathon presidential election, with a tumultuous political landscape that does not look that it would quieten down.

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Six new elephant corridors to protect natural nomads

Expressing concern over the increasing number of elephant deaths in India, an international organisation involved in the preservation and protection of these animals globally has stressed the urgent need for a comprehensive policy change in the country to arrest the rapid fall in elephant population.


India’s growth trajectory predicated on structural reform

India’s ruling NDA regime will, no doubt, bask in the glow of regaining the world’s fastest-growing economy position according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).