India, Sri Lanka must resolve fishery dispute bilaterally

Multiple issues have compounded to bring tensions to near crisis point, with serious ramifications for domestic and bilateral relations. These include ongoing disagreement over territorial rights to the island of Kachchatheevu, frequent poaching by Indian fisherman in Sri Lankan waters, and the damaging economic and environmental effects of trawling, write Punsara Amarasinghe and Eshan Jayawardena for South Asia Monitor

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The Dalit insurrection: Rise of the marginalised and disenchanted in India

Antagonising the Dalits who constitute 16.6 per cent of the population, is a politically self-defeating exercise, not least because if this percentage is added to 14.2 per cent of Muslims, it will mean the BJP is risking losing the support of nearly a third of the country’s population, writes Amulya Ganguli for South Asia Monitor

Resetting India–Nepal ties: Oli shows his pragmatism

In keeping with the geographical, economic/trade  and political compulsions that characterise Nepal’s ties with both its giant neighbours, it was  prudent and pragmatic for Oli to hit the reset button with India even while deepening the engagement with China, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor

India drives hard energy bargain; sends message to neighbours

And at another level, New Delhi  by hosting the conference sent a message to its immediate neighbours. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj referred to India’s efforts to build fuel infrastructure in the region that should benefit South Asia, writes Saroj Mohanty for South Asia Monitor

Nepal’s Parliament raises punishment for marital rape - but differentiates

Even in the new Criminal Code Bill, while the definition of rape has widened and the punishment for marital rape has increased, there is still this difference between rape and marital rape. The reason for the difference is unclear and has no justification, writes Harsh Mahaseth for South Asia Monitor

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India-China civil-society dialogue on climate change, sustainable development

China has initiated early actions on the Wuhan summit between Indian PM Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping that stressed the need for people-to-people dialogue for the development of not only India and China but the whole world.


India’s growth story is treading on thin ice

By all estimates, the Indian economy has entered a phase of recovery. After a period of subdued growth that was marred by a spate of disruptions, India has regained the fastest-growing major eco...