Why Riyadh and Delhi are getting closer

The situation started to change after the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Indian security agencies recognized the vulnerability of its coastline and significance of developing ties with Gulf countries for preventing future incursions. Saudi Arabia, facing internal security challenges from Islamist terrorist cells, came across as a willing partner, writes  Md. Muddassir Quamar for South Asia Monitor

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Bangladesh can learn from Malaysian development model

From Malaysia, Bangladesh must learn that it needs long term political and social harmony to develop.   Lack of political and social harmony causes state institutions not to function properly , writes Minhazur Rahman Rezvi for South Asia Monitor

India should help Sri Lanka resist external pressures

Assisting this small island nation out of debt and boosting its GDP growth will also contribute to strengthening India’s ‘neighborhood first’ policy and, in turn, solidify India’s security strategies, write Srimal Fernando and Megha Gupta for South Asia Monitor

Maoist violence in India can only end through inclusive talks and grassroots development

The complex insurgent Maoist problem can be dealt with by the right proportion of security, ceasefire and hard developmental approaches.  The involvement of civil society, academic researchers in understanding and approaching the problem is important, writes Mathew Simon for South Asia Monitor

Remembering history: Can Imran go against the will of the Pakistan army?

Behind this phenomenal rise of Imran Khan in politics is the hand of the Pakistan army which has, since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, played a pivotal and dark role in the making and unmaking of successive governments in the country, writes Syed Badrul Ahsan for South Asia Monitor

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For creating an ecologically-friendly environment in Pakistan

  Unchecked urbanisation, overpopulation, tap water mixed with sewage water, raw industrial domestic effluents going straight into River Ravi without any cleansing process. Depleting ground water without adequate recharge of ground aquifers.


Fitch raises India's FY19 GDP growth forecast to 7.8%

US multinational Fitch Ratings on Friday raised India's GDP growth forecast for the current fiscal to 7.8 per cent, up from their earlier estimate of 7.4 per cent, indicating, however, that ...