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Terror plots only come to fruition with help of governments

Much of the global counterterrorism effort is delusional. It is laying the foundation for deeper polarization and radicalization that will make the world less safe than it already is. 

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The Taliban Cricket Club

Book: The Taliban Cricket Club Author: Timeri N. Murari Publisher: Aleph Pages: 325 Price: Rs 595

Burma: A Nation at the Crossroads

Burma has been ruled by a succession of military regimes which rank among the most oppressive dictatorships in the world.

'Nehru's foreign policy needs to be revisited'

In these turbulent times, Jawaharlal Nehru's policies of non-alignment and mixed economy need to be revisited, says P.C. Jain, author of a book on India's foreign policy during the first prime minister's tenure.


The killing of Osama bin Laden spotlighted Pakistan's unpredictable political dynamics, which are often driven by conspiracy theory, paranoia, and a sense of betrayal. In Pakistan, the late prime minister Benazir Bhutto famously declared, there is "always the story behind the story." In The Pakistan Cauldron, James P. Farwell explains what makes Pakistani politics tick.

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