Needed a radical new approach: South Asia ill-served by India-Pakistan hostility

Apart from the irrational rhetoric and flag-waving self-righteousness that marked the February exchanges between both countries, what stands out from the media discourse on both sides is the denial  of truth on the side of Pakistan and the shortsightedness in India to see beyond the manufactured triumphalism of its cross-border air strikes, writes Tarun Basu for South Asia Monitor 

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Disaster governance in South Asia: Regional collaboration essential

SAARC has apparently failed to emerge as an effective regional body even 33 years after its inception. It could not play an effective role in helping nations enforce comprehensive frameworks on disaster management due to lack of inter-governmental cooperation, writes Mohammad Tarikul Islam for South Asia Monitor

American troop withdrawal from Afghanistan will be calamitous for region

If the Taliban comes to power, it will be a tragedy for India too; the Taliban being supported by Pakistan will harm Indian projects and interests in that country, writes J.K.Verma for South Asia Monitor

India and China need to prudently manage differences, show mutual sensitivity

Finally, a paradigm shift is required in India-China bilateral relations. The strategic partnership which has begun to suffer from ennui needs to become more meaningful to drive the relationship toward greater heights. There is need to encourage constructive engagement and identify new areas of cooperation, writes Amb Suresh Goel (retd.) for South Asia Monitor

South Africa a key component of India's Africa engagement

Although the India- South Africa relationship has strong historical and political depth, it’s time for them to move beyond their historical significance and focus on strengthening their economic ties, writes Meghna Muralidharan for South Asia Monitor

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