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Stunning election of Trump

Many in the US and around the world will have some difficulty in getting used to President Donald Trump. Yet his stunning victory over the favourite Hillary Clinton proved the polls wrong yet again.  

The end begins now

At some level, we still believed in the American dream, that the US could be “a city upon a hill” watched by the world as an example. For sure, we raged against its hypocrisies, foreign wars and domestic and international boorishness. But we never looked to China, to Russia or for that matter to Europe for our vision of the future. We looked to America, and we hoped its people might make a more perfect nation, a greater experiment in human living. Today, that dream is over. We are all riding the Trump train, and it may be taking us to disasters yet unknown.

Trumpspeak vs reality

Donald Trump's first speech as US President didn't shed much light on his foreign policy priorities, except for a stray statement that sounded like a shot across the bows of unnamed external enemies.  “America will no longer settle for anything less than the best,” he told the outside world. Most of his focus remained on Americans who had handed him an upset victory.



November thunderbolt

At the earliest opportunity, it will be advisable for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take the initiative to reach out to Mr. Trump so that the American President-elect is sensitised to the strategic interests that bind India and the U.S., and the multifaceted nature of the relationship between the two nations including its regional and global relevance. The ‘golden hour’ to do this may be even before the inauguration of the new President in January 2017.

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