Local-body polls must be held in Jammu & Kashmir: Government must not succumb to pressure

The situation is not as grim as the NC and PDP would have us believe. In fact, there is a groundswell of joy in the Jammu region for conduct of these elections. The situation in the Valley is manufactured and can be brought under control, writes Anil Gupta for South Asia Monitor

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Imran Khan and India: Will he flatter to deceive?

So will Pakistan under an Imran Khan-led dispensation be any different? Its unlikely, given, as many sceptical observers of Pakistan aver, the Deep State's "visceral hatred" of India, though, from time to time, driven by geopolitical and domestic compulsions, it might seek accommodation from India on some issues, writes Tarun Basu for South Asia Monitor.    

A surveillance state? Concerns over Indian government's data hunger

Across the globe, debates on use of data are largely a trade-off between national security, development and civil liberties, with the former two taking precedence.  Production of searchable databases increases the exclusion of undesirable people. write Padmakumar M M & Om Prakash L T for South Asia Monitor

Better civil-military relations needed for improved security of Indian state

An area with grave but hidden implications for national security is civil-military relations (CMR), whose crucial significance seems to have eluded India’s post-independence rulers.  A key feature of current CMR in India is the huge perceptional gap that exists between the two sides, writes Admiral Arun Prakash (Retd.) for South Asia Monitor.  

India, Trinidad & Tobago need to forge a new agenda

Leaders in Trinidad &Tobago and India must take revolutionary initiatives to embark upon a programme for sustainable and enhanced trade and commercial relations between the two socially connected countries, writes Paras Ramoutar for South Asia Monitor

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Lowest solar tariff underpins India's clean energy transformation: IEEFA

Gujarat's 500 MW solar tender results have delivered India's record low tariff of Rs 2.44 per kilowatt and this underpins the country's transformation to clean energy, US-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) said on Tuesday.


Amid trade war, India looks to resume oil meal export to China

Amid the ongoing trade war between Beijing and Washington, an Indian business delegation on Wednesday held talks with Chinese oil meal importers as New Delhi looks to resume export of its crop b...