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A timely proposal

On November 18, BNP chairperson Begum Khlaeda Zia revealed a detailed proposal for strengthening the Election Commission on behalf of her party. While the ruling Awami League almost immediately brushed the proposal aside, many experts believe that this revelation has created scope for meaningful dialogue between the major parties.

Pakistan might soon want ‘East Pakistan’ back!

Now, forty five years after the political division brought about through a war between the two nations, Pakistan is trying, rather unconvincingly, to tell those willing to listen to it that Bangladesh owes it money. One could well consider the demand to be a bad joke, given that any study of relations between East and West Pakistan in the twenty four years prior to 1971 will make it clear why in the end the majority Bengalis (who constituted 56 per cent of the country’s population, with the remaining 44 per cent in West Pakistan) decided to go their separate way. 

Begum Zia’s formula . . . and the holes in it

Former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia remains obsessed with an army role in constitutional politics. One certainly understands her preoccupation with the idea of democracy, but when she insists at every given moment that the military must have a role in the determination of the nature of present and future governance, she gives citizens cause for worry. Her camp followers will of course argue, in her defence, that elections cannot be fair in the country without the soldiers being around.

Moulana Bhashani…forty years after 1976

Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani’s finest hour came in the final phase of the mass upsurge against Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan in early 1969. As the struggle for a restoration of democracy intensified in what was yet a united Pakistan, Bhashani took charge of the movement and demanded that the Agartala Conspiracy Case be withdrawn and that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman be freed without conditions. He vowed to lead a march on Dhaka cantonment, where all the accused in the case were being tried, and compel the military junta to accede to the popular demand.

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Sikkim's unique mountain architecture in need of protection

The Government of Sikkim realized something needs to be done and the newly-adopted Sikkim Tourism Policy is crystal clear about this. It states in Chapter 4: Application of appropriate designs for tourism infrastructure that considers the landscape, disaster risks, local architecture and materials needs to be addressed, writes Anne Fee


India and US head for potential faceoff over Venezuelan oil

The hardline United States National Security Adviser John Bolton issued a warning to India against buying Venezuelan oil saying it “will not be forgotten” and was countered by Venezu...