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United states of discontent

Donald Trump has shifted the tectonic plates of politics in a way unprecedented in the annals of electoral history. He was an outsider to politics. His party, while never in open revolt, did not quite know what to do with him. His personal record would, in any other world, create a mountain of electoral vulnerabilities. 

A test of American Character

In his masterly study, The American Character, first published in 1944, Professor D.W. Brogan had spoken of how “the American experience” had bred, among other attitudes, a preference for “the temper of the gambler” in the new settlers in North America.  

Hillary Clinton's moment in history

The young Black driver of my Uber said he was taking the day off on Tuesday to ferry friends and supporters to polling stations in Philadelphia. “It is the most critical election of our time,” he said. “Gun control and social security are the two things that can protect Blacks. if Donald Trump wins he will reverse both. Do you know that the Ku Klux Klan has endorsed him? Black lives will not matter.”

The October surprise

US presidential candidates are always worried about “October Surprises” causing upsets in their campaigns. On October 28, FBI director James Comey caused the first surprise by conveying to the US Congress that emails “pertinent to the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server were discovered on a computer belonging to Anthony D. Weiner, the estranged husband of a top Clinton aide”.

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In northeast India, water-management practices to deal with climate change

In a small village on the north bank of the Brahmaputra in Assam in northeast India, farmer Horen Nath stood gazing at his partially submerged paddy field. The floods had kept their annual date but mercifully, the farmer said, the waters have started receding. "The weather has become very strange of late. We always had ample rain,


UAE, Saudi Arabia can help India meet any oil deficit, says UAE envoy

Even as the US-imposed sanctions on Iran has put India’s energy security in jeopardy, United Arab Emirates Ambassador to India Ahmed Albanna has allayed fears of an oil shortage, saying hi...