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The thin blue line

There are the superficial similarities — both are law enforcement bodies, and both can be seen patrolling our streets in uniform carrying government-issue weapons, busting crime, and posing for the press with the illegal weapons, drugs, or gold that they have seized.  

Briarose Marguerite Deirdre D’Silva , Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours

The world has come a long way, so has my country. When my country started off, she was the second poorest country in the world and today, she remains the second largest garments exporter in the world, with diplomatic ties at her very best.  

Arrest this drift in ties with Bangladesh

The story goes that in 2012, when World Bank pulled out of the $3 billion Padma Bridge project, the Sheikh Hasina government in Bangladesh expected India to cash in on the opportunity. Bilateral relations were on a roll since 2010. India had already offered $1 billion assistance including $200 million aid to kickstart the bridge construction, and promised more assistance.

The urgent need for a de-radicalisation program

In the case of Bangladesh, it may not be possible to develop a Saudi-type de-radicalisation program complete with a gym and swimming pool. However, it can be possible to replicate elements from the Saudi, Singapore, and other international models which have worked well in deradicalising extremists. Ultimately, the desired goal is for the former extremist to disavow his extremist ways, and discover the real Islam.

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