Bangladesh's 'National Mourning Day' observed in Agartala

The Bangladesh Assistant High Commission in Agartala on Wednesday observed the country's "National Mourning Day", to mark the 43rd death anniversary of the first Bangladesh President "Bangabandhu" Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

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The law should be there for everyone

Millions of Bangladeshis, each year, continue to pursue justice using traditional methods of mediation and dispute resolution. The most common of these is shalish, the system by which arguments are discussed and resolved by community members. While many shalish yield fair and just results accepted by all, many others result in illegal and abusive settlements distorted by class, gender, and religious bias.

The curious case of Tahmid

One should never underestimate Bangladeshi people’s supersonic ability to reach conclusions, sometimes even faster than NASA spaceships, basing on trivial events. And when it comes in the form of video footage or photographs, they never hesitate to harshly comment, no matter how foolish it may sound.

A bridge between Dhaka and Washington

Having completed the fifth US Bangladesh security dialogue, Dhaka must leverage its relations with Washington to properly strengthen counter-terrorism assistance.  

Standing, still standing

See, for a nation that is standing constantly standing still, waiting to move, it won’t be long before it’s no longer still standing.

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Kerala floods: Writing on the wall that was ignored

The questions that need to be asked is how further in the past should Kerala go back to understand this disaster? And how much into the future should the state go to reflect on the calamity that it had brought on to itself?


Bimstec envoys call for early conclusion of FTA

Ahead of the Bimstec Summit in Nepal this month-end, envoys of the seven-nation regional bloc on Monday called for early conclusion of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) among member-...